Tips for Overcoming Difficult Motors When Turned On

Motorcycle is one type of vehicle that is an important part of our life activities. Where today almost all millennial generations must have a motorcycle, even more than one motorcycle. 

This motorized vehicle is very important to use to support daily activities, especially to be able to shorten travel time and will make it easier for you when traveling.

Therefore, to be able to support the smooth running of activities using a motorbike, you must pay attention to the condition of your own vehicle. Well, this time we will discuss what causes your motorbike to have difficulty starting and how to overcome this problem. Just take a look at the full explanation below

Causes & Tips for Overcoming Difficult Motorcycles

Motorcycles that are rarely used and when used will be difficult to start. It may not even be able to be revived. Therefore, make sure you find a solution to be able to overcome it. Motors that are used every day of course will also have problems. There are several reasons that make the motor difficult to start, among others.

1. Improper valve clearance

If your motor does not carry out maintenance for too long, then a gap in the valve can occur. And the gap in the valve that is not right can cause the fuel can not enter properly, and make this motor can not be started at all.

2. Gasoline Mixed With Water

This is common in modified motors, as well as carburetor modifications on motors that remove the carburetor filter section. Though the carburetor filter is very important, in addition to its usefulness to filter dirty air and can prevent water from entering the carburetor. If this happens, water will enter the carburetor. Therefore, remove all the fuel that is in the carburetor of the motor.

3. Improper carburetor fuel

The carburetor is a device used to mix fuel with air, the problem of fuel being improperly located in the carburetor which can cause the motor to be difficult to start. The way to solve this problem is to turn and adjust the carburetor first by turning it clockwise and then turning it back, but counterclockwise about 1.5 turns.

4. Compression

Another cause that you need to know is opening the spark plug after the spark plug is open, then closing the spark plug hole using your finger or a cloth. Next, the ignition key is in the "off" position. Then you can crank if the crank is heavy on compression and there's no problem.

If the possibility of compression is lost, put oil into the spark plug hole and cover the spark plug hole using your finger or a cloth, if you crank it means there is no compression problem.

5. Why (Spark plug)

A very important component, because in the ignition system to be able to trigger the engine is needed. If there are no sparks or sparks in this component, it will automatically greatly affect the life of the motorcycle. The way to check is to open the spark plug and attach it to the cylinder head body, and the ignition key is in the on position.

Then crank or kick starter, sparks occur which means there is no problem with the spark plug and no problem with the ignition. If this spark plug does not light up, it means that the ignition system can have problems such as the spark plug, coil, cdi, and pulser.

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