How to Get Axis Free Credit Directly Enter

In this difficult era, who doesn't want to get free credit?

But you need to know, indeed all these methods need to be tried first so that later we can find out whether they are valid or not.

There is also a way to get free axis credit via SMS, of course you have to take several steps to get it.

Not only that, you can also have the opportunity to get free axis 50,000 credit without an application, depending on the type of card and your luck.

Well, here's how to get a free 20 gb axis quota and I'll explain the others in the following tutorial.

How to get Axis free credit with Phone Code

There are several secret codes that you must memorize to get free credit from Axis. Some of these codes work and some don't because it depends on the promo period.

1. Open the keypad menu on your phone

2. After that enter the dial code above *123*969#

3. Then select ok/Call and please read the message that appears after the code.

4. If successful, there will be a notification notification of incoming credit

5. You will also get a HUSH bonus for 7 days


Unlimited Axis Facebook quota calling code

In addition to how to get Axis free credit. Operators also provide unlimited quota for Facebook to its users. The trick is to press the secret code below:

1. The exchange method is the same. You just go to the keyboard

2. After that enter the code *123*1*1*1#

3. Call the code, then the request will be processed immediately

4. If successful, the Facebook quota will increase.


How to get free Axis credit from certain starter packs For certain Axis starter packs, what is meant to get free Axis credit is Axis prime slang.

On the Axis Prime slang card itself, you will get free Axis internet credit of 12 GB provided that the starter card has been registered first.

Not only that, you also have to make a quota claim to be able to enjoy Axis 12 GB free quota, how to use a dial code

1. For the usual method, you only need to visit the dial menu

2. After that enter the code *123*2*1*2*1#

3. If you have, then call ok / yes on your cellphone

4. Then after a few minutes if successful a notification will appear that your quota is active

Congratulations, you have got a free Axis quota of 12 GB

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