Tips for Removing Scratches on Car Glass

A series of powerful and safe ways to deal with scratches on car glass

Tips for Removing Scratches on Car Glass – The glass on the car is indeed one of the components that support the appearance. So it is necessary to get maintenance as well so that the car looks well maintained.

However, some things such as scratches on the windshield due to scratches by sharp objects make the display less pleasing to the eye.

Although trivial but if left unchecked will certainly reduce the attractiveness of the car itself. In fact, it is possible that if left for a long time it will trigger a bigger beret.

Therefore, if your car experiences the above conditions, it needs a way to overcome them. One of them is tips on removing scratches on car windows that are safe and of course effective.

Because, without the need to replace or expensive materials, you can treat scratches on the windshield. So, it can be done independently.

So, how to remove rough scratches on the windshield? Don't worry friends, because this time Mas Sena will give you the steps so you can apply them.

Want to know more details? Let's look at the tips for removing scratches on the windshield in the segments below.

Here are the best steps to deal with car windows that are exposed to scratches or scuffs in a correct and safe way.

How to Remove Scratches on Car Glass

Remove Car Glass Scratches with Toothpaste

First, how to remove scratches on your windshield, you can use toothpaste. This can not be separated from the fluoride content in toothpaste which is quite effective for cleaning scale, including scratches on car glass.

The application is quite easy. You just need to wipe the toothpaste with a tissue or soft cloth on the scratched glass.

Then rub and rub in a circular motion until it is completely evenly distributed on the scratched part or area. leave for 2 minutes so that the beret cream process becomes more leverage.

If so, clean the remaining toothpaste using clean water. Then, wipe with a dry cloth until the remaining toothpaste is gone.

Please note that if the scratch does not fade, you can apply toothpaste repeatedly to the stained glass.

This method is effective for dealing with minor scratches or scratches on the windshield. You can be alone at home.

Overcoming Berets with Car Glass Compound

On the other hand, to remove scratches on the windshield, you can use the compound recommended by Mas Sena to try.

The method is quite easy. Because, you only need to rub it on the scratched part and then rub it gently. leave it at any time until it is completely clean.

This method is quite effective for reducing or eliminating scratches. It's just that, when the scratches disappear, the effect on the glass becomes a little blurry. Not without reason considering the compounds here contain oil. But the glass can return to clear a few days after using the compound.

This step you can do if the scratches on the windshield of your car are completely gone in a fairly short time.

Treating Scratches Using Ammonia

The next step you can do is to use liquid ammonia. You can do this to remove thick scratches.

Well, to use it yourself is a bit tricky compared to some of the other steps. First, you need to mix about 1/2 ounce of ammonia in 1 liter of water. Then stir until smooth.

Next, you use a clean cloth and dip it in the liquid ammonia mixture. Next, rub it into the scratched or scratched glass surface in a circular motion over the area.

If so, let stand for 1 minute then rinse with clean running water until the remaining mixture of water and ammonia is gone. Well, then you can use chamois or a soft cloth that has high water absorption.

Removing Scratches on Car Glass

Cleaning Glass Berets Using Cerium Oxide

On the other hand, the way to remove scratches or scrapes is to use a chemical called Cerium oxide.

Previously it should be understood that this material is a material in the form of a powder as a glass polisher. Even more than that, this powder is also widely used to remove scratches on car glass.

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