5 Easiest Ways to Save Quota You Can Try

Who says saving quota is difficult? As long as you know the trick, you can save a lot of money and expenses for internet quota needs.

It is undeniable that we live in an era that is never separated from the internet. Every day we will always need internet quota both to communicate and find the latest news.

Here are five ways to save quota that you can try right away. It's not too complicated. It only takes a little effort to save internet quota.

1. Do not enable all sync options

It often happens, the internet quota is reduced because there is an automatic synchronization on the cellphone. You have to be more observant and sensitive about this. No need to enable all sync options, just select a specific account. To save internet, you can go to the Settings menu and select Accounts and then make the choice to enable or disable specific accounts.

2. Be more selective in choosing a browser

One browser that is known to be more data efficient is Opera Mini. This browser is believed to have the ability to save your internet data quota, especially by compressing the sites you visit. This browser is the mainstay of quota savers who often surf the virtual world using smartphones.

3. Using a quota-saving application

The next way to save quota is with an application. Yep, now there is an application that says it can save quota. Some of the most popular quota-saving applications include My Data Manager, Protect Free VPN+ Data Manager, Opera Max, CM Data Manager, and DataEye. In addition to using a data saver browser, you can also download a quota saver application to help your phone manage data quota to save more money. It will be even more profitable if you can choose a cheap internet package without a free quota for your daily internet needs.

4. Change Map feature to Offline mode

This is also important but often overlooked. One of the easiest ways to save internet quota is to change the Maps feature to Offline Mode. If you don't really need the Maps feature for your routine, we recommend changing the online to offline mode in the Maps settings of your smartphone.

The problem is that the Maps app is the culprit. Quota runs out quickly. Also limit data usage in the background. All you need to do is go to the Settings menu and select Data Usage, then tap the three vertical lines at the top right, then select Restrict Background Data, and select OK. Changing these settings is one of the most effective ways to save data.

5. Take advantage of Free Wi-Fi

Here are tips for saving quota which are the easiest and most chosen by people today. Usually to save quota when playing games, Wi-Fi spots will be targeted. Today Wi-Fi has been found in many places. Starting from cafes to public places such as libraries and city parks. Using free Wi-Fi is the easiest way to save data. You just need to be careful and observant to find a place that provides free Wi-Fi service.

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