How to take care of car paint so it doesn't get dull

Have a car but the body looks dull? Even though it's been cleaned many times but the body paint still doesn't look shiny?

If you often experience this condition, do not be confused. Because actually there are other steps that are quite effective for you to do as a step in an effort to take care of car paint.

At least, to minimize or reduce the impact of problems on the exterior of the car, especially the appearance of the car paint itself.

Because, if the car body paint is taken to a car salon, of course it will be expensive. In fact, by diligently caring for car body paint with simple steps, your car can still look optimal.

How to Shine Car Paint

So, what are the integrated steps that need to be taken to treat car body paint? Difficult, or easy?

Actually this method is quite easy considering it is still limited as a precautionary measure. In other words, tips on caring for good body paint to keep it shiny and not easily dull.

Curious right? No need to linger, let's look at the reviews on how to take care of car paint to make it look attractive and not dull.

In the application process, it takes several steps to keep the car paint shiny and not dull. Here's a detailed explanation.

How to Take Care of a Car to Shine

Regular Car Wash with Shampoo Kit

It is clear and certain that the first step to keeping the car paint shiny and attractive is to wash the car regularly. At least once a week.

In its application, you must use a special car wash shampoo. Avoid using detergents or other soaps because they have the potential to cause stains on the surface of the car paint when it dries.

This step is certainly the most important way to maintain the appearance of car paint to stay prime and attractive.

However, one thing that cannot be left behind, when you wash your car, try to wash it in a shady place or not exposed to sunlight.

Because, when soapy water hits the car paint surface, it will trigger the appearance of spots on the car paint surface.

Therefore, it is not recommended to use detergent soap. It's just that, if you have to, you can use dish soap.

Try to apply soap with a soft sponge on the car paint so it doesn't scratch.

If you have, rinse with clean water using medium water pressure until the soap is completely gone so that later it doesn't leave marks and doesn't cause stains.

Car Body Compounds in Certain Parts

In addition, another step that you need and should try is with a car body compound. It's just that, compounding the car body is only done on certain parts, including specifically on parts of the car that are exposed to dirt or scratches which allow the compound to be clean and no more dirt or scratches are visible.

However, you have to be careful when mixing cars. Because, if you use it wrong, it will make certain car body parts become unattractive.

This method is an alternative way to protect the car paint if it is scratched. So, if the car body is still good and there are no scratches, you don't need to use the car compound method like this.

Park the car in the shade

On the other hand, the way to make car paint durable and not easily dull is to keep your car always in a shady position when parked.

Not without reason, considering that the hot sun with UV rays will certainly have much more potential to damage the quality of the paint on your car.

Especially if the car is hot and then suddenly it rains. Of course, it will make the car body paint dull quickly.

Worse yet, it is possible that it will peel off if this condition is allowed to continue.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to always park the car in the shade. For example, under a tree or in a location where there is shade to reduce the impact of sunlight which can actually damage the quality of the car paint itself.

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