How to recognize a broken motorcycle chain

Cara mengenali tanda rantai motor rusak

As an important component of course there is the life of the chain on the motor. Related to this, there are several characteristics or symptoms that indicate damage to the motorcycle chain.

How to recognize the signs of a broken motorcycle chain

Signs of a Damaged Motorcycle Chain – The chain on a motorized vehicle certainly has a lifetime. However, the period of use can be longer and last longer if proper care is taken.

Where in terms of motorcycle maintenance, of course, motorcycle chain maintenance is the responsibility of every user of this two-wheeled vehicle.

Moreover, if the intensity of the use of the motor is high, of course the chain also requires maintenance to maintain its quality and durability.

One aspect of the maintenance process is recognizing the characteristics or signs of a damaged motorcycle chain as the first step to prevent further chain damage.

Which in general, the symptoms of motorcycle chain damage are also often not realized by many people. So not infrequently some motorcycle owners complain about problems that arise in the chain.

Therefore, by understanding the characteristics of chain damage on a motorcycle, of course you can be more alert and take preventive measures.

In the following, the admin will reveal various characteristics that are signs of a damaged motorcycle chain. Wre they? Let's see the full review together.

Signs of Motorcycle Chain Damage

There are several symptoms that appear if the chain on a motorcycle begins to break which requires the user to replace it. Here are the characteristics.

Chain Wear Surface Appearance

First, the characteristics if the chain has started to be replaced can be seen from the surface of the motorcycle chain.

Where, generally a chain that has begun to look worn is certainly an indication that the chain on the motorbike must be replaced with a new one.

Because, if the condition of the surface of the chain is worn, the grip of the chain with the gears will decrease.

Such conditions will certainly have an impact on the acceleration performance of the motor. Which causes the wheel rotation to be abnormal as it should be.

So, always make sure to check the condition of the chain surface on the motorcycle to make sure that the surface is normal or worn.

If it is worn, you should replace the chain with a new one. Of course, choose a chain that has superior quality so that in the future it is more durable or long lasting.

Chamfer Tooth Surface (Worn)

In addition to the surface of the chain, you will also need to check the chain gears in the surface area to determine their condition.

If the surface of the gear chain has started to wear out as well as the surface of the chain, then you should immediately replace it with a new one.

Or, if you haven't had time, you can add a special chain oil fluid to smooth the wheel motion when the motorcycle chain moves.

On the one hand, you should also understand that apart from worn gear motors, generally the distance between one eye and the other is not in the right condition.

This condition is a sign that it is time for you to replace the chain gear on your motorcycle.

Usually this indication of a chipped chain gear surface will have an impact on friction which is then completely uneven or precise with the drive chain system.

It doesn't stop there, even if it starts to get worse it will trigger a noisy sound condition when the chain starts to spin.

Noise Appears When Driving Slow

If you've ever heard a noise when your motor is running at low speed, it could be an indication of a malfunction in the motor chain circuit.

Sounds coming from the bottom area of ​​the motor like this have the potential to be triggered because the condition of the chain on the motorbike has started to loosen and then rubs against the surface of other components.

Thus, the friction that occurs is also a source of noise when the motor is traveling at low speed.

Generally, the condition of the motor chain like this indicates that the position of the chain has started to loosen or loosen between one link to another.

If this condition is left unchecked, the damage will be even worse considering that this condition is an early symptom of a motorcycle chain starting to become unusable and requiring you to replace it with a new motorcycle chain.

Easy Loose and Improper Chain

Then, another sign of motorcycle chain damage that you need to understand is the condition of the chain starting to loosen and installation is difficult.

If tightened too tight. However, when it is loosened, it is very loose.

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