How to make your blog appear on Google

Blogs that appear at the top of Google has many advantages for blog owners. The top position in google can increase visitors on the blog.

Because when people search for certain keywords on Google, usually they will open a blog that is in the top position.

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There are several ways that can be used to make your blog appear at the top of Google. Is as follows :

1. Low keyword competition

These keywords serve to target roughly what people are searching for on google. Because Google users will search for something on Google by entering keywords.

Why low competition keywords? This is because of the convenience factor, if the keyword competition is high then the chances are small to enter the top position in the Google search engine.

2. Long tail keywords

What are long tail keywords? So long tail keywords are long keywords. For example the keyword "blog", which in my opinion is too short and must have a high level of competition. So it will be difficult to enter the top position in Google.

 3 words. For example, the basic word is "blog, then the long keyword is "how to create a blog".

Even longer will be better and easier because the competition is getting lower. For example a keyword with five words "how to create a blog using a smartphone".

So the longer the keyword, the more specific it is. This will make it easier for the article to rise to the top position on Google. In addition, it will make it easier to write articles, because the discussion is more focused and specific.

3. Appropriate articles

Why should articles match the targeted keywords? Please note that Google uses a system to make users comfortable in finding information. So if the keywords and article content don't match, don't expect to get into the top position on Google.

Articles that do not match the title/keyword will make the reader disappointed, because the title is interesting but when the article is opened the contents are not as expected.

4. Reader-friendly articles

What exactly is a reader-friendly article? So if you ever know that many articles are rewritten from robots or software. What is the result of the article? It will be difficult to read, because the vocabulary will be messy and the terms used are difficult to reach.

So try to write yourself every day, both standard and non-standard, as long as it is within the reach of article readers.

5. Article title

In the first and second points I have explained about keywords. Now try to create blog article titles using targeted keywords.

For example, the target keyword is "how to create a blog", then make a title that contains these keywords.

To be able to appear at the top of Google, keywords do not have to be too long and not too short. Just try to be proportional, because if it's too long then everything doesn't appear in google searches. If it's too short, it will be difficult to get into Google's index.

The thing to remember in addition to keywords, titles can also attract readers to click on the article.

6. Article description

If you are familiar with blogging platforms, be it or wordpress, you probably already know that on the blog platform we need to fill in a short description of the articles we create.

The description of this article will be searched by Google's crawler robots. So try to include targeted keywords combined with a short description of the article you are writing.

7. Article Link

Search links or article URLs are also important. Usually the google search engine will read the words in the article link, so try to combine the URL or article link with the targeted keywords.

8. Image of the article

You need to know that images in articles also have an important role for blogs to appear at the top of Google even though not directly.

Google has an image search that works to search for images on the internet. So if the images in your articles show up in the top searches, the chances of people visiting your blog also increase.

Therefore, include keywords in image descriptions or image tags used in blog articles. The text entered in this image will help the image to be searched by Google.

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