How to get lots of blog visitors

I think getting a lot of visitors to visit our blog is a bit risky. Especially for daily bloggers or personal blogs like me. The writings are just about everyday writing, experiences, etc. Who wants to read? Yes, we are ourselves, hahaha.

Instead, people find my blog to gain experiences or information that I share. The things I write, they are looking for.

The answer is only 1: because it appears on Google.

Yes, posts that appear on Google are likely to be read by information seekers. Especially if our writing is perched on page 1 of Google. Because, people will only look for information on page 1. At most stuck until page 3.

It would be really cool if you could sit at number 1 on page 1. The very top itself is on page 1 of Google.

How to?

The main conditions must be met. Blogs must appear on Google. Your article must appear on Google.

Easy. You just need to sign up for Google Search Console. Enter your blog into the google search console. Then do a URL check. Then select indexing. Then Google will index your writing to get into Google.

Actually this indexing is done naturally by Google. This means that from time to time Google will index our latest articles. But Google needs support. You know, that's a lot of work. Well, let's poke at Google to do our indexing. Let's quickly appear on Google.


How to Make Your Blog Crowded with Visitors

Is when our writing appears on Google then our blog is visited by many visitors. Hmm didn't see that… There are still some things you should do.

A busy blog is a blog with informative posts that appear on page 1 of Google. If it appears on page 1 of Google with keywords targeted by visitors, your blog is guaranteed to be crowded.

So how do you make your blog get a lot of visitors? I have 5 tips to blog a lot of visitors. Listen carefully, yes.

5 Tips for Blogs to Have Many Visitors

The tips I share are not technical or detailed, but scientific. Basic things you must understand. Not just technical theory, but deep understanding so that your blog gets lots of visitors.

1. Delete Blog Identity

The identity of the blog must be clear. What do you want to write? What kind of blogger do you want to be known as? Etc. Then complete all these needs by using a TLD domain and then write according to your niche / topic. Don't forget to include your identity in the profile section.

Example. I love exploring the latest phones. Like a review of the types of HP. Also really want to be known as review blogger, or gadget blogger, or techno blogger. Okay, niche has been found.

Next create a blog address. Make sure to use a TLD domain. Address names need not be long. Maximum 4 syllables. Example:,,, etc.

Then give the identity to the blog. Whether placed in the sidebar, on the page, etc., what is important is clearly accessible. Tell us who we are. So that people do not believe in our writing. Also indirectly states that we are responsible for the writings that we make.

2. Blogs Must Be Healthy

Yes, blogs must be healthy. I realized this from the start. That a healthy blog, will be trusted and guaranteed by Google.

What are the characteristics of an unhealthy blog? Simply put, lots of broken links, high spam score, lots of outgoing links, etc.

I used to be like that too, my blog wasn't healthy either. That's why traffic is not increasing. Stagnant here and there. Have to repot blogwalking to get traffic. Although I can't always blogwalking or keep expecting visits because I visit other blogs.

Dude tired. I need organic traffic from google. And it starts with a healthy blog.

A. Choose an SEO friendly template

My first step to creating a healthy blog is finding the right blog theme or template. SEO friendly, simple, and I really like it. Wow I found that. The template is Mas Sugeng. Nothing is equal. People are still optimizing anyway. Whenever I'm special, I'll review it.

B. The blog meta description must be clear

Simply put, a blog description is a short description of our blog. About what and how our blog is aimed at readers. For more details, you can read an explanation on how to create an SEO friendly blog description. There is a way to check there too. Are you green (SEO) or not, hehe.

C. Remove broken links

This is what makes blogs bad. There is a broken link or broken link. The causes of these broken links are many, one of which is a dead link because the blog owner changed the domain address, etc.

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