How to fix a totally dead cellphone due to water entering

The case of an Android cellphone or smartphone dying due to water often happens to smartphone users, for those of you who have experienced it, of course, don't panic like those who have just experienced a dead cellphone due to being splashed by water.

On this occasion I will share some tips that you can do to fix a dead cellphone that is exposed to water easily without having to go to the service center, how to fix it? see the following reviews:

Don't turn on the cellphone when repairing a dead cellphone in water
This is the most fatal mistake and almost everyone makes this mistake when the cellphone dies, when the cellphone dies in the water, try not to turn the cellphone on first, this aims to avoid conflicts because the cellphone engine turns off water, let the smartphone turn off for a while.

Place HP in Horizontal Position

Put the dead smartphone in the water on a flat surface so that the water that enters your cellphone doesn't spread to all existing components, this is of course very reasonable, don't forget to immediately open the lid of your cellphone, here's how to make the water come out faster

Remove Battery, SD Card and Sim Card

After opening the cellphone cover, please immediately remove the battery and the components in it such as the memory card and sim card from your cellphone, this is to minimize damage to the Android cellphone, especially the battery. and is meant to make wet phones easier and dry faster.

Use Tissue or Cloth

Don't panic if your Android phone dies from water, you just need to remove and dry the water using a tissue and a soft cloth that absorbs water, and try to clean the gaps between the components inside thoroughly. smartphones such as sim cards, batteries, memory cards and others.

Put it in the rice bag

This of course will make it easier for you to turn it on. that. that. that. that. on an android phone that dies in water, if you are worried that the screen is dirty, you can cover the screen with a tissue and try sticking the other part to the rice.

Take it to Service Center

This is the last step if all the methods you have tried above still fail to repair a cellphone that is completely dead due to exposure to water, don't do anything especially to repair your own smartphone, it's better to take it to a service center.

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