How to Fix a Phone's Microphone That Gets Water

The speaker of the cellphone suddenly breaks or even turns off, it could be due to the entry of liquid that causes the sound to be muted.

There are many ways to remove or clean water from the surface of the speakerphone. In addition, as an initial action we can also dry the speakers by drying them.

Now for more details, you can overcome wet speakers in water through the method below which you can follow for all types of android and iphone phones and all smartphone brands such as samsung, xiaomi, oppo, Advan, realme, lenovo, asus. , Huawei, Vivo and more.

Components of cellphone speakers that are exposed to water will usually affect the quality of the sound produced, usually the sound of crackle-crack speakers is not as clear as a broken radio.

This can happen if when the speaker phone is submerged in water it is not handled immediately, as a result the speaker components become wet and damaged.

Well, for that, here are some tips on how to repair a cellphone speaker that is damaged by water or oil.

How to clean cellphone speakers that are exposed to water

1. Clean Speaker

Please open the back cover or phone case if the loudspeaker is on the back. However, if your smartphone uses an internal battery and it is not possible to remove the phone case, you can try it with other alternatives as below.

You can use a small medium such as a needle or safety pin, then you wrap the cotton around the tip of the needle. After that you compact or harden the cotton to tighten it.

2. Dry the Speaker

Well, another way to deal with wet cellphone speakers is to be exposed to water in the air.

There are many tools we can use to dry the moisture that is still on the speakerphone, here are some of them.

How to dry cellphone speakers with water

The method is quite easy, please hang the cellphone right in front of the fan by attaching it to the fan stalk.

Or it can also be placed on a table with the direction of the fan that has been set so that the wind gusts focus on drying the cellphone speakers.

Usually the speakers will dry completely in about 6 hours, so you can let them sit for a while to finish.

Hair dryer

You can also use a hairdryer or hairdryer to remove any moisture that is still adhering to the speakers.

As for how to dry the speakerphone with a hairdryer, it's quite easy and fast, you only need to blow hot air from the hairdryer into the speaker hole.

If possible remove all components of your phone case for a faster drying process. However, if you are using a phone with a built-in battery model, simply point the hairdryer at the speaker hole.

Do this repeatedly until the surface of the speaker is completely dry, to avoid overheating you can dry the speakerphone for a maximum of 12 seconds. Then you let it sit for a while until the phone cools down, then reheat it with a hairdryer.

This process usually tends to be faster to remove moisture from the speakerphone.

We can also use rice to repair cellphone speakers that are exposed to water, this is because of rice's unique ability to absorb water molecules.

Please remove all the components of the cellphone, if you can't, it's also not a problem.

Next you provide the rice and the place, you put the rice in half then you put the cellphone right on top of the rice then soak it in the rice until it is tightly closed.

After that you just have to wait all night, usually how to deal with cellphone speakers that are exposed to water in using this media is quite proven to be effective.

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