How to care for a used car so that it lasts

Proper used car maintenance is an important step that must be taken by the owner.

Not without reason, considering the condition of a used car that is being treated is certainly one of the things that will affect the condition of the car as a whole.

If maintenance attention is not enough, then automatically the condition of the used car will also become less than optimal.

Likewise, if you don't pay attention to the second car you may have just bought, it will cause much more damage.

Used Car Care

Especially if you underestimate light maintenance which may be an important aspect related to or closely related to the condition of the car's performance.

Well, therefore, it is very necessary for you to know what are the right steps to take care of a second car.

For more details, the following Mas Sena will provide information on the steps to take care of the right used car with simple steps that you can try independently.

How to Take Care of a Second Car with Simple Steps

As mentioned above, there are some simple steps in used car care that you need to apply independently at home. Here's the full explanation.

How to take care of the second car

Routine Car Wash

First, it's obvious that in order for your second car to look clean and well-maintained, you certainly need to keep it clean. Especially on the outside of the body.

Not without reason, considering the appearance of the body that looks clean on a used car will add its own charm.

Therefore, to get a fresher body appearance, you must regularly wash your car with the right steps.

Namely by using a special car wash soap regularly at least once a week as a way to keep the body looking clean.

In addition, you also need to give a special touch at least every 3 months by taking him to a car salon to take care of his body.

This method is certainly the best treatment step on the exterior. So, you can be sure his appearance will always be awake.

Always Check Condition of Cooled Radiator

In addition, maintaining the performance of the car so that it is always prime is also a step to take care of a used car from the engine base side.

Among them by always routinely ensuring the condition of the radiator fluid is always fully filled at all times.

Therefore, radiator fluid is needed here as an effort to maintain the stability of the car's temperature while preventing overheating.

Always use a special radiator fluid to maintain the maximum temperature control process in the engine.

Where, you can buy it at automotive shops with various price variants. However, keep in mind that try to buy radiator fluid that complies with the manufacturer's specifications or recommendations to prevent problems that may arise due to choosing the wrong radiator fluid.

This step is one aspect that really needs special attention. Because, if the radiator fluid has decreased capacity, then the car engine cooling process will not be able to run optimally as it should.

Herein lies the importance of ensuring that the radiator fluid is always full to minimize overheating due to the problem of reducing the radiator fluid capacity.

You can check regularly at least once a week. Remember, sometimes old year used cars usually run out of radiators faster than new year's cars.

Speed ​​Control When Crossing Broken Road

On the other hand, to keep the frame and legs of the car strong, try to always maintain or control the speed. Especially when passing through potholes.

This is of course very necessary so that the frame sector and its legs are not easily damaged due to wrong driving on bumpy road terrain.

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