How to care for a motorcycle chain so that it is not easy to loosen and rust

Cara Merawat Rantai Motor agar Tidak Mudah Kendor dan Berkarat

Motorcycle chain is an important element in supporting the movement of the wheel that requires maintenance so that its performance continues to run as it should.

How to care for a motorcycle chain so that it is not easy to loosen and rust

Caring for Motorcycle Chains – Caring for and performing maintenance on every component on a motorcycle, does not have to be done only during routine service.

On the other hand, you as a motorcycle owner must also understand how to take care of a motorcycle with the right steps in an effort to maintain its performance.

Among several important components on a motorcycle, of course, maintaining a motorcycle chain is a mandatory thing that must receive attention for every owner.

Not without reason, especially on a manual transmission motor, the tire drive system is the chain itself.

So if the chain has a problem, the motor can't run because the wheels can't move because the chain has a problem.

Especially if the chain has started to show symptoms of corrosion (rust) and has started to loosen due to the intensity of using a motorcycle.

From this it is clear that maintaining the performance and condition of the chain on the motorbike is one thing that is very mandatory.

Then, what is the right step in maintaining the condition of the motorcycle chain? Don't be confused friends.

The reason is, through the automotive discussion segment this time, Mas Sena will share tips on how to take care of a motorcycle chain so it doesn't rust and doesn't loosen, of course.

Motorcycle Chain Maintenance Tips

For those of you who want to maintain the performance of your motorbike, of course you need to always maintain and ensure the condition of the chain is in normal condition and is feasible to operate. Here are some efforts that you need to do to maintain the performance of the motorcycle chain.

Gear Chain And Motorcycle Maintenance

Diligently Lubricate Motorcycle Gear and Chain

The first step you really need to do is to lubricate the gears and motorcycle chains regularly.

Not without reason, considering that always keeping the motorcycle chain lubricated with lubricant will certainly have a positive impact on chain durability.

Where, the benefit of providing lubricant on this motorcycle chain is to keep the condition of the chain and gears wet.

Because, if the conditions are dry and dirty, the chain can be damaged, eroded by corrosion, and broken. This certainly endangers your safety while driving.

But what you need to pay close attention to is that the chain lubricating oil used must be a special motor chain lubricant.

Not without reason, considering in this case, chain lubricating fluid contains chemicals that prevent the chain from wearing out quickly and prevent excessive dust from adhering to it.

Because, if you use used oil, it will make the chain easily damaged, especially corrosion due to the lubrication of used engine oil.

Clean the Chain and Gear Routinely Properly

It is undeniable that the role of the gears is closely related to the motor chain itself. Because, the gear serves to rotate the motor wheel which is driven through the chain so that the motor can run when gassed.

Because it has a very important role and function, the gear motor and chain here must always be kept clean. Given this has the potential to cause dust which will trigger the presence of dirt that sticks and is difficult to remove.

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