Get to know Honda VTEC at a glance

Honda is a Japanese automaker that emerged after the end of the Second World War. Honda entered the Indian market about 15 years of buyers.

Their model Honda City Zx was very successful and outperformed other cars of the same genre.

In 2009 Honda has launched the V tec model to replace the city in engine dynamics and performance. The car's engine is smoother and produces a slightly lower 100hp than the previous model, but doesn't detract from overall performance.

The model in terms of appearance is different from the previous dolphins. However, the only changes are the front grille and hood, but this is what distinguishes the vehicle from the previous model. Honda did not change the rest of the engine capacity of 1,497 cc.

But it has SOHC Configuration (single overhead camshaft). This is useful because the new Honda makes 100bhp at 5800rpm. The maximum torque of 13.5kgm at 4800rpm makes for a reasonable drive.

Airbags and EBD are standard. This car also has Electronic Power Electronics Steering which makes the car easy to control on the road. In addition it has a Leather Gear Knob, parking brake grips and a new generation CD Player. VTEC uses 15-inch alloy wheels.

But the tire load may need to be wider especially if you ride on grades and corners.

The gear ratio of this car is good and the engine feels powerful plus economical. The efficiency of a car engine can be measured by the fact that a car can reach 100 km per hour in just seconds of gear.

It can give the driver an optimal sense of power and make an excellent ride on the road. With the installation of all four disc brakes as standard

the car makes good road grip too. The car was more expensive than the previous model, but the Honda name was carried and buyers felt it was a car worthy of respect.

But in 2021, Honda faces stiff competition with many cars being launched that outperform the Honda VTEC. It will be interesting to see how Honda takes on the new challenges.

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