Causes of Leaking Car Gas Tank

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The cause of the fuel tank in the car has a leak which causes gasoline to run out quickly

Causes of Leaking Car Gas Tank

Leaking Car Tank – As a car owner, of course, various self-care steps must be understood in depth.

Because the condition of the car can change at any time. So, if at any time there are obstacles, then at least you can recognize where the damage or problem is in the car.

From the various problems in the car, it seems that a leaky car tank is one of the problems that is often experienced by the owners of these four-wheeled vehicles.

Where, the constraint of the gas tank constraint on a car that has a leak like this is sometimes difficult to detect. So, often the car's fuel suddenly runs out quickly because it seeps out.

Causes of Leaking Car Tank

Well, if you don't want this to happen then you have to take various precautions to avoid leaks in the car tank.

Among them by recognizing various factors that often trigger a leaky fuel tank condition.

That way, you can also make some anticipatory efforts by focusing on several causes so that later the tank on the car does not leak.

Well, here Mas Sena will explain the various important factors that cause a leaking car gas tank that you need to recognize and understand. Come on, check the details here.

Regarding the causative factors, of course there are quite a number of factors that trigger a leak in the car's fuel tank. 

Causes of Gasoline Leaking in Cars

dirty tank

First, things that are often not realized but are actually the cause of fuel leaks in the car's tank, usually because of a dirty tank.

The connection with the leak, of course, lies in the dirt that has accumulated in the car's tank because it has never been cleaned or drained.

The dirt can be in the form of very small particles but sharp enough to have a great potential to rub against the surface of the tank which eventually triggers a small hole.

From this it is clear that you must regularly drain the fuel tank to avoid various impurities in the form of these small particles.

At least once a year or every 6 months so that later the fuel tank on the car is always in top condition and does not leak.

So, one of the causes in the form of dirt on the car tank certainly needs to be considered. Because, precisely the cause like this is very rarely realized by car owners.

If you don't realize it immediately, it will make the leak in the car's tank bigger so that the fuel discharge that comes out becomes more.

Tank Corrosion or Rust

In addition, one aspect that also makes the car's fuel tank leak quickly, could be due to corrosion or rust.

Corrosion or rust that occurs in a car tank like this is certainly caused by the presence of air in the tank, the air always contains water vapor and this water vapor causes corrosion, even though this corrosion process occurs for a long time.

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